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Slipping / Tripping Claims

Tripping Claims

If your injury is a result of a trip you may be entitled to compensation. This applies if you trip at work, in a shop, or while visiting premises or a house belonging to someone else. Whether you are entitled to compensation depends on the nature of the trip hazard. It has to be of a type and size so that it would be reasonable for the owner or occupier of the premises to have known that it represented a danger and if it occurs in a public place there is the additional hurdle of having to prove that it has been there for a sufficient length of time that the council or road service should have done something about it. It is always worth making enquiries when you have suffered injuries as a result of a fall. We are happy to give free initial assessment of the prospects of a claim.

Slipping Claims

These injuries traditionally occur in locations with tiled floors and very often therefore supermarkets. Case law in this area has developed so that you must show that either the design of the floor or maintenance of the floor was negligent. This can arise by the use of inappropriate flooring with a poor grip co-efficient or because the owner of the premises doesn’t clean or inspect regularly enough to prevent hazards from arising. These sorts of claims are very fact specific and it is always worth making an enquiry. We will be happy to provide a free initial assessment of the prospects of compensation.

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