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Road Traffic Accidents

  If you have suffered personal injuries in a road traffic accident in a car or on a motorbike that was not your fault, then you will know that being the innocent victim of a road traffic accident can be very inconvenient. It is financially harmful and time consuming unless you get the appropriate help. We aim to provide a one stop service to minimise the hassle for you and to avoid the financial disruption that an accident can provoke. We can arrange for the negligent driver’s insurance company to have to pick up the bill for repairs and car hire. This avoids you having to go through your comprehensive policy and so that you do not have to incur the cost of your insurance policy excess.

We would also ensure that you are provided with a suitable replacement vehicle of a similar size and engine type to your own vehicle which was damaged in the accident. We will also obtain for you the appropriate compensation for your physical injury. You are entitled to be compensated for the pain and suffering, any loss of earnings, loss of overtime and of course, for any conditions of stress or anxiety that a significant road traffic accident can provoke.

Our firm has 40 years of dealing with the legal and financial issues that arise from being involved, even as an innocent party, in a road traffic accident. We use this experience to minimise your disruption and maximise your compensation after an unfortunate accident. We deal with all types of injury arising from road traffic accidents, from minor soft tissue injuries to the neck and back through airbag burns or scars, seatbelt restraint injuries to shoulder and chest, damage to sternum and ribs. We have extensive experience in injuries such as broken femur and pelvis and the most unfortunate of cases where paralysis has occurred. We have developed a team of medical experts to deal with these different types of injuries and use barristers where appropriate to ensure that your compensation entitlement is successfully concluded.

If you have been involved in an accident and wish to speak to our experienced legal team, call 028 27 66 30 33 or email: info@fergusonlogue.co.uk

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