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Family Law


It can be very worrying when a family relationship breaks down. What will happen to the children and the finances? What actions can be taken if you have suffered domestic violence? At Ferguson and Logue Solicitors we can advise you in all aspects of family law.

Our experience can help those going through a breakdown in their family relationship to include representing clients at court where required and providing comprehensive advice to clients on their legal rights and obligations in matters including:



Maintenance (child and spousal)

Emergency Orders 

(such as non-molestation/occupation/exclusion orders
in instances of domestic violence (including mental abuse)


Financial provision/ancillary relief

Pension Sharing

Matrimonial Agreements

In cases where domestic violence is involved, we will discuss and help arrange for non-molestation and occupation orders, injunctions and matrimonial home rights to protect you and your interests. We will also help you with any legal action you want to take. Our experience will ensure that you have a clear understanding of all the options available to you under the law. This will be on a cost-effective basis with thorough and sensitive attention given to you and your family’s needs.

Domestic Violence

Susan Forgie specialises in domestic violence matters, offering expert legal advice in all areas of domestic violence and harassment

Domestic violence and harassment can be difficult to identify and understand. It does not have to be physical abuse. Sometimes the harassment can be in the form of veiled threats (for instance, about money), or constantly belittling someone so they lose their self respect, and even blame themselves for the abuse.

At Ferguson and Logue we understand how difficult it can be seeking legal advice when things go wrong in a relationship. If you are feeling threatened or abused in any way and need help you can call Susan Forgie on 028 276 63033 who will try to see you as soon as possible, often on the same day. An initial consultation is free. Domestic violence cases can often receive Legal Aid. We understand that it can be very difficult to talk about, and will advise on the options.

If you decide you want to take action, we can help including making an urgent application for an injunction. There can be situations where a person has been wrongly accused of domestic violence, and we can advise on that as well. It may be very difficult to know what to do for the best. We are here to help.

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