Narrow Country Road Accidents

If you have had a collision on a narrow, rural road – know your rights.

Keypoints to consider are;

  1. A narrow road means a road where the tarmac width, when measured, is too narrow for two cars to safely and successfully pass each other. This measurement does not include any grass verges.
  1. In a narrow road collision, don’t assume that it’s simply 50/50 or that there is nothing you can do.
  1. A narrow road collision does not equate to a knock for knock where neither party can pursue a claim. Instead, it means you can usually get back a minimum of 50% of your uninsured losses and injury compensation entitlement.
  1. Even if the road is too narrow for two cars to pass, if you can prove you got stopped, it is the other driver’s fault. Dashcam footage can be absolutely vital.  If you regularly travel on narrow rural roads, we strongly recommend that you purchase a forward-facing dash cam.
  1. If you managed to manoeuvre your vehicle onto the grass verge and gave the other driver enough room, but they still hit you, then you may be able to prove that they were totally at fault. It is important to take photographs of the vehicles from about 10 yards away to show their position and also take photographs showing any tyre marks on the road or the verge which support your case.
  1. If the other driver has cut the bend giving you less time to take evasive action, they can be held wholly or mostly at fault.
  1. If the other person’s vehicle is an HGV, we can check if it is prohibited from the nature of road it was on.
  1. If the other vehicle was a wide tractor or other farming vehicle, was it appropriately displaying a beacon?
  1. Were there other factors such as dangerous overhanging branches that forced either vehicle to the middle of the road?
  1. Was there mud on the road from farming activities which prevented either vehicle from stopping?
  1. Did the other driver ignore a suitable place to pull in and stop but instead drove on?
  1. It is only 50/50 if both parties fail to stop in time and the road is genuinely too narrow for two cars to pass.
  1. Even at 50/50, you can still claim back half your insurance excess or half your repair bill and recover half the full value of your injury.
  1. Take advice from us and remember any passenger in your vehicle is entitled to pursue the other driver’s insurance company only and not claim directly off your insurance even in a 50/50 agreed liability split scenario.

If you’ve been involved in a narrow country road collision on Northern Ireland Roads contact our Accident Claims Specialist on 028 27 66 30 33 or Request a Call Backs

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